Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"A Lesson On Drugs...Some Shit Just Shouldn't Be Fuck'd With"

This entry doesn't have anything to do with fashion or Faze in general but it was on my mind so I thought I would share it with you y'all. This may be old news to some but it's definitely new to me. Okay, enough anticipation building. Do y'all know the rapper Big Lurch from Texas? He did a lot of collaborations with Bay Area rappers, such as RBL Posse, Rick Rock, E-40, Yukmouth, and the list goes on. Y'all may remember the below collaboration with the Frisco's rap legends, RBL Posse

Well, Big Lurch was high on PCP one night and ate a girl's lung and intestines because he thought the devil was inside her. How crazy is that shit?!? As a result, he is now serving a life sentence in prison. I'm not condoning drug use by any means but if you're going to smoke your weed or drink your drank do your thing but some drugs just shouldn't be fucked with. Especially, PCP if you're going to be hallucinating and doing crazy shit like that. In the end, a young life (in this case two young lives) is wasted because of poor life decisions. Take care of yourselves my people and be Fearless and not foolish. I'll leave y'all with the actual news broadcast of the Big Lurch incident.

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