Friday, July 10, 2009

Recession-proof Like In-N-Out Burger

Happy Friday everybody,

Speaking of Fridays, one of my goals in life is to make everyday feel like a Friday on a nice summer day. I hope y'all can relate to me on that tip. Another one of my goals, or may I say a goal of the FAZE Boys, is to make our company recession-proof like In-N-Out Burger. All of us may not have a business or economic background but we should have enough knowledge to know that the nation has experienced (and still is experiencing) an economic downturn, more specifically known as a recession. During a recession, a lot of companies struggle financially and some even fold, but the west coast burger joint seems to be immune to this fiscal sickness. In fact, every time I hit an In-N-Out location to grab a bite to eat it is packed inside and out no matter what time of day it is. My main question is how do they manage to prosper during hard times like these?

First of all, their food is hella good...LOL. Aside from that, they are providing an essential need for every living being - FOOD. You may be asking, "all restaurants have food and are still entangled in the grips of the recession but how does In-N-Out manage to break free from those same grips?" The simple answer I would provide is In-N-Out provides quality food for a fast food joint. I'm not trying to knock the other fast food places but you can clearly taste the difference. The more complete answer is that this burger spot flawlessly executes a proven successful formula by providing quality food, on a consistent basis, in a timely manner.

I've exposed just part of the picture. This company utilizes, or may I say its customers perpetuate, one of the MOST powerful marketing strategies - 'Word of Mouth' marketing/advertising. We have all been persuaded positively or negatively by what the people we know have to say about a product or service. "Don't see that movie, it's horrible" and "Have you heard The Jacka's new CD, it slaps" are opinions we hear from our peers and elders alike. A lot of people can tell their friends that In-N-Out has good food but this is not exactly where the company excels. I'll present you with two words - SECRET MENU. When you walk into this fast food restaurant you only see 3 meal sections and you're probably wondering WTF McDonald's has about 12 different options. And that's when that secret menu kicks in and you ask for the '4 by 4 burger' your friend was telling you about or those 'animal-style' fries you heard that dude on the BART talking about. This creates somewhat of a suspense factor for the company and is absolutely brilliant. And did I say powerful?!? This is easily In-N-Out's competitive advantage over other fast food places.

As for FAZE Apparel, we want to replicate this formula by providing an essential need in the form of clothing, whose primary purpose is to offer warmth and protection. But we got style y'all, so don't discount that. Also, we want to deliver a quality product and create awareness of this product via 'Word of Mouth' - one of the most powerful marketing tools. So spread the word y'all and help us obtain that goal and we can grow together. Stay FEARLESS and ZEALOUS people!!!
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P.S. - Try to watch those carbs a little bit and go for the Protein Burger...avoid 'The Gut' LOL.

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