Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love Is In The Air...

What's up y'all?

Sorry I've been away for awhile...did you miss me? Staying busy with Faze coupled with a virus-stricken computer can be blamed for my hiatus. You gotta love those PCs! Well, enough about me, I want to dedicate this blog post to those who have acknowledged our hard work and have helped share our vision with the vast online community.

Our shout-outs go to Rangga at cottonable.com and Jon at clothingwire.com. These two individuals have graced their pages with write-ups about yours truly. Go check out these write-ups at http://www.cottonable.com/2009/09/tic-tac-toe-inspired-t-shirt-says-dont-cross-us-to-doubters-and-skeptics/ and at http://clothingwire.com/. Also, please support both of these sites because they do a lot to shed light on the indie fashion scene. Without sites like these, it would be much harder for a young company like ourselves to create an online presence.

You don't have to write a spectacular feature about Faze Apparel to be one of our supporters. I know you all offer support by showing up to our shows and spreading the word about Faze. As a token of appreciation, we've decided to give you a little gift. Use the promo code below to get a 20% discount on any item in our store. Oh yeah, the new fall line is on our official website, www.fazeapparel.com, so use that promo code for any one of our new items as well. Take advantage of this discount until October 11th. 'Til next time, stay FEARLESS and ZEALOUS y'all!!!

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