Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Faze Night's Work

What's up my people?

Yo Faze Boyz have been puttin' work in as usual. We have shows on deck, designs on deck, and other developments that we will share with you in the near future. Hold tight my folks. I guarantee that you'll be excited for what we got in the works. While other folks are at the club, partying, making it rain, or poppin' bottles, we're in the lab puttin' in work. DETERMINATION and PASSION. Like the name implies, we're Fearless and Zealous EVERYDAY...not Fearless and Zealous once a week, in our spare time, on the holidays, etc. You get the picture. I lied...we may be poppin' bottles while we work but it's some of that cheap shit as you can see in one of these videos...ha, ha, ha. Enjoy folks and take notes while I re-introduce you to the highly anticipated "City of Dreams" on a tee!!! Until next time, stay FEARLESS and ZEALOUS people!!!

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