Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Fearless Sneak Peek: The Saga Continues...

What's up folks?

I know you guys probably recall our first "Fearless Sneak Peek" when we showed you a brief glimpse of the FAZE flame, fire, torch also known as the Quilted Hoodie. This time we decided to bless you with a 2 for 1 in the form of an upcoming show and a new design from our spring line. As you already know, the FAZE boys have been graggin' (grinding with swagg for those that are unaware) in overdrive status lately but I guarantee you will appreciate our efforts in the coming weeks. I know you may be wondering, 'What can FAZE possibly have on deck'? And that's where I answer, rather frankly I may add - we have 5 shows in LA and throughout the Bay, some new tees, new fitted hats with ill colorways, and some new crew neck sweaters. This is all going down this month and the beginning of next month, so stay tuned. FAZE show and product launch dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Those FAZE Boyz got they hard hats on...WE WORKIN'!!! Here is the sneak peek as promised...stay posted like a sticky note. Out.

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