Saturday, May 16, 2009

Faze Gettin' A Lil Weird?!?

Faze Apparel was at the 10th Annual How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco last weekend. This event has become a fixture in the City over the last few years and is a benefit for world peace. We can't be mad at them, any that promotes a positive cause such as world peace we're all for.
As for the specifics of the faire, it featured ten blocks of art, ten stages of music, various performances, vendors from around the world, non-profit organizations, exotic food and drinks, and much more. The event also introduced something known as a MAGIC STICKER, which gives back to the community for supporting the faire. If you missed this event this year, make sure you check it out next year. Stay FAZE'd Out People.
More info on the event can be found at -

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