Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bolts Fly South For The Winter...

What's up y'all?

Those FAZE bolts are on a the move again. I thought you knew those FAZE boys get around...in a good way LOL. Did you know that FAZE is being spotted globally now? Check out these pictures of FAZE being sported down in Colombia and getting that necessary global exposure. Yeah, I'm talking about Pablo Escobar Colombia. We represent across the world, fearlessly bringing our style to new places everyday. Colombia is a crazy country, known for its drugs and corruption, but ultimately being a beautiful place with a lot of heart. One of your FAZE boys was down there recently and surveyed the locals in Villa de Leyva and found that family, culture, and style all helped define these people. FAZE is no different. We are like the small town in Colombia – not as metropolitan and as famous as Bogota, but we have local support and style for days. You already know that your FAZE boys get around but if you happen to take any pictures sporting FAZE while on vacation, please send them our way because we will love to post them on the blog and/or the Facebook fan or group pages. We're always down to give our supporters their shine. Also, we need folks to give FAZE the global exposure that it truly deserves. Until next time, stay FEARLESS and ZEALOUS my people!

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