Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who Dat, Who Dat???

In the world of music videos, busty video chicks, iced out jewelry, and tight whips sitting on deuce pluses are the norm. I love music videos but the ones that seem to have a lasting impression on me are the ones that beg to be different. After all, music videos and music in general is an expression of art. Would it be out of the ordinary for a Hype Williams directed music video to be on the same level (artistically) as a Salvador Dali painting??? I say no but many will challenge me on that opinion.

The latest video by J. Cole, 'Who Dat', is one of those videos that bleeds originality and has been the standout amongst other rap videos out there. The video is also a good fit for the song, which is not easy to do because I've seen many people screw this up. For those who don't know J. Cole, he is Jay Z's newest artist on the Roc Nation label. The boy is ill because he doesn't only rap but he's also a dope producer. You have to be mult-faceted in the rap game these days (i.e. Drake who raps and sings) to make an impact. Just being a sick lyricist will no longer cut it in this highly competitive music industry. Well, peep this hot video and look out for J. Cole!!!

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