Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Things Come in Small Quantities...

What's up folks?

I wanted to keep you all posted on our latest offerings. We recently released a Limited Edition Combo Pack, which includes a crewneck sweater with pockets and a matching 5-panel hat. There are 3 combo packs in 3 different colorways all in very limited quantities. Pack number 1, in a gray and red colorway, is now available at one store and one store only. That pack can be purchased NOW at D-Structure on 520 Haight St.(between Fillmore St & Steiner St) in San Francisco. The remaining 2 packs will be released to 2 other stores shortly.

Bottom line - Go pick up this very rare piece of FAZE Apparel now and in the coming days. The retail locations of the remaining 2 packs will be announced soon. Stay tuned and stay FAZE'd!

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